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How We Work

CSA Consulting is a Business Psychology Consultancy that specialises in providing rigour and research in its consulting practice. We are interested in establishing long-term relationships with out clients so that we can get to know you, your business, your strategy, your leadership processes and evaluation methodology.
We focus on;
Understanding of business context:
We work in specific sectors and have built up significant business experience over the years. We encourage you to share your strategic objectives with us so that we can align our programs around them.. We have significant experience in providing leadership development services for multi-nationals has given us a global mindset in our approach to developing leaders. We are flexible, conducting programs on site from the Pilbara, Mongolia and beyond.
Distinctive consulting competency:
We are experienced in running large systemic leadership interventions aimed at developing leadership capability within an organisation to allow an organisation to build sustainable and performance orientated leadership skills. We have significant experience of assessing and coaching senior executives in top 100 companies both in UK and Australia and brings a comprehensive strategic focus that allows individual strengths to be aligned with business objectives.
Analytical rigour:
We bring a rigorous and analytical approach to understanding and enhancing performance within the workplace. We focus on assessment and diagnostics prior to interventions, bringing a structured, logical and goal orientated approach to our consulting process.
We are researcher in strength-based methodologies and the effectiveness of coaching interventions and this focus on outcomes helps our clients estimate the ROI of out leadership and coaching interventions. We benchmark our interventions against a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of positive organisational culture, leadership development and performance enhancement in a work context.
Typical Leadership Development Interventions;
CSA uses the leadership and team development model outlined below as a template for designing leadership and team development interventions. Initially we would meet the individual participants and understand their strengths and challenges before collecting data on their leadership behaviours. This data is most commonly collected in the form of psychometrics, at both the individual and team level. For this engagement we would recommend the MLQ360, Hogan Personality Inventory and Realise 2 Inventory. The second key element of successful programs is assessing the readiness and capacity of individual team members for development and change. This is most commonly done in an individual 1:1 interview prior to any leadership or coaching process.
Organisational Climate & Context