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A Positive Approach to Talent Management
CSA Consulting is a Business Psychology Consultancy that specialises in talent identification and development in Organisations. Our practice is grounded in positive leadership theory which emphasises that the identification and enhancement of individual strengths is a necessary precursor to effective organisational development.
Engaging CSA Consulting brings the following benefits to your organisational development needs;
In-Depth Psychological Assessment
As registered Psychologists, we are qualified and trained to conduct a variety of assessment processes that are both valid and reliable. In providing any consultancy services, we are able to draw from a vast array of assessment methods and questionnaires to provide the client with valuable insight and development options.

The Science of Human Behaviour
The science of psychology offers a vast knowledge base devoted to the very core elements that underlie leadership and organisational behaviour and development. Our Psychologists possess a sophisticated understanding of how the culture and environment of an organisation may influence factors such as motivation, personality and interpersonal & leadership behaviour. We apply these pragmatically and flexibly according to the needs of the organisation.

Scientifically Validated Methods of Facilitating Behaviour Change
Our Psychologists are trained to question and assess the validity of intervention strategies and to select behaviour change strategies that have been proven through research to be effective. They are adept at tailoring change processes to the individual’s stage in the development cycle and at enhancing both the motivation to change and making that change a sustainable one.

Measuring outcomes and evaluation
Organisations rightly expect that resources devoted to development of their employees have successful outcomes that are both measurable and quantifiable. Our Psychologists have extensive experience in assessing and evaluation their interventions in terms of client satisfaction, skill acquisition and behavioural change.

Well-Developed Professional Code of Ethics
Our Psychologists’ activities are guided by an ethical code of conduct expressly designed to protect the clients’ interests. We are all members of the Australian Psychological Society and registered with the Psychologists’ Board of Queensland.

Commercially relevant and strategically aligned goals
Our extensive business experience and commercial acumen allows us to benchmark executives and help align their goals with the overall strategic objectives of the organisation.

Proven and tested in the real world
Our programs have been researched and tested on real clients. Our strength-based leadership coaching program achieved a 13% uplift in transformational leadership in just 3 months, equating to an ROI of 825% for the organisation.