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Positive Leadership
Strength-based approaches to leadership development are part of a paradigm shift that is occurring in organisational and leadership development. These approaches are moving away from the traditional deficit-based approaches that aim to identify and address weaknesses towards a more positive approach to development that identifies and leverages strengths. New theories such as authentic leadership as well as more established models like transformational leadership, are providing theoretical support for strength-based leadership development, READ MORE
Sector Experience
We have over 25 years experience as an organisational and business psychologist, working in both the UK, Asia Pac and Australia. We have provided a range of organisational services to leaders and senior managers within several of the Top 100 companies in the UK and Australia, including leadership development programs, executive coaching, selection of senior leaders, team development programs, culture change programs, identification of high potential employees, career development programs, 360 feedback and identification of organisational capabilities. READ MORE
Research Rigour
We are passionate about adopting the scientist-practitioner model, practicing business psychology in an evidenced-based manner and operationalizing the latest leadership research for our clients. We are pioneers of the strength-based approach to leadership development and have published on impacts on transformational leadership, developmental readiness, levels of organisational impact, ROI, team coaching and leadership coaching with the last year. READ MORE
Qualifications, Directorships, Memberships

1. Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Strength Based leadership Coaching and effects on Transformational Leadership 2013: University of Leicester

2. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) 1988: University of Edinburgh.

3. Master of Clinical Psychology 1991: Manchester University

4. Master of Organisational Psychology, 1999: City Univers READ MORE