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Talent Development

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching at CSA Consulting aims to enhance both the performance and well-being of the individual within their work context. Typically we focus the executive on enhancing leadership effectiveness through strengths development and developing coaching, interpersonal and organisational competencies in our clients. Our Executive Coaching is focused on the attainment of realistic yet stretching goals that are both SMART and grounded in business and personal need. READ MORE
Positive Leadership Development
Today’s leaders are facing challenges that are virtually unprecedented. Increased competition, the accelerated pace of change, the impact of the GFC, the expectation of meaningful work and low levels of employee engagement ( only 13% employees engaged according to Gallup, 2013) are requiring leaders to move beyond a transactional relationship with their organisations and people. Increasingly leaders are required to inspire and engage followers with their vision and integrity and espouse values that resonate across the organisation. READ MORE
Team Development
What is Team Development?

The majority of tasks in organisations are beyond the capability of the individual. Team and group working are consequently an inevitable consequence of contemporary working life. Belonging to a team can be an opportunity to develop real synergies that can emerge from the assimilation of diverse strengths and abilities. However this is not always the case. Team working can also reduce individuals to the lowest common denominator, stifle creativity, encourage bystander apathy and promote groupthink. READ MORE
Management Development
Our Management Development Programs provide a cost effective learning platform for development of key capabilities related to effective leadership, people management, and high performance. Our programs are designed to maximise knowledge retention and skill transfer through the application of coaching methods.
Programs offered include: READ MORE