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Talent Identification

Strengths Assessment
Strengths come in a variety of formats including states, traits, domains and competencies. READ MORE
Executive Assessment
Executive assessment at CSA Consulting is based on a rigorous, evidence based approach the appraisal of a leader’s strengths, talents and capabilities. Our approach is based on an integrated combination of extensive career interview, psychometric assessment and feedback known as Individualised Psychological Assessment (IPA). Our executive assessment process can be utilised in for external or internal recruitment, career transition and development, as part of executive coaching, and as a means of succession planning. READ MORE
High Potential Identification
Identifying High Potential Employees

The identification of high potential employees is crucial to the success of any business. CSA employs a wide range of personality and cognitive assessment to ascertain not just how a candidate may perform in their current role, but also how they will perform in future more challenging roles. This is again where the identification of strengths is crucial as it allows predictions of performance to be made beyond the confines of the current role. READ MORE
Leadership Assessment
Leadership assessment at CSA is comprised of both assessing a leaders readiness to change and benchmarking their skills against a variety of leadership assessments. Commonly we assess the leader against existing positive leadership frameworks like authentic, engaging, transformational, servant and global leadership frameworks. We bring a rigour and empirical validation to our assessment work. READ MORE