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Talent Recovery

Derailment Management
Good leadership can inspire, transform and provide meaning and purpose. Poor leadership can by contrast lead to disengagement, disappointment and distress. Followers have high expectations of those in leadership positions and are profoundly influenced by the style and character of those in charge. Consequently leaders exert a disproportionate influence over the satisfaction and engagement of their followers (Harter, Schmidt & Hayes, 2002). Given this level of influence and responsibility, no wonder some leaders ‘derail' and literally leave the path and fail to realise the potential that seemed so apparent in an earlier career stage. READ MORE
Stress Management
Stress Management as a Function of Effective Leadership

We see managing stress at work as a function of effective leadership. The leader has a significant role to play in terms of delegating autonomy, supporting followers, providing role clarity, being inclusive about change and promoting positive relationships. We see managing negative emotions such as stress, as a subset of managing emotions effectively at work which is in turn a function of leading self effectively. Of course some environments are toxic and should be identified as such. READ MORE