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Organisational Performance Through Talent Development

CSA Consulting is a Business Psychology Consultancy that specialises in executive talent identification and development within organisations. Our practice is grounded in the field of Leadership theory and Positive Organisational Psychology which emphasises that the identication and enhancement of individual strengths in relation to role seniority and challenges is a necessary precursor to effective organisational development.


Our Strength

Our strength lies in our ability to apply psychology in an insightful and commercially relevant manner. By engaging CSA Consulting to partner with you for your people development needs, you can be assured of a rigorous approach, based on the solid foundation of our expertise in human behaviour.


CSA is differentiated by

– The leadership expertise and business experience of our consultants
– Our position as industry leaders in researching & evaluating strength based leadership coaching
– Our pragmatic, flexible, client centered and evidence-based approach
– Our focus on the readiness and strengths of the individual in relation to their organisational context
– Our qualification and experience in  leadership models, frameworks & psychometrics
– Our commercial acumen in developing and coaching leaders in some of the UK’s and Australia’s top 100 companies
– Our multiple accredidations and professional memberships in business (AICD), leadership (MLQ) and coaching (Association for Coaching).


It’s All About Changing Behaviour – We firmly believe nothing changes in a business unless people’s behaviour changes. We work with our clients to develop the capability of their organisation to initiate and sustain behavioural change that maximizes return on investment. What we do is based on both a solid psychological theory and our experience of what works within an organisation.

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