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Handbook of Climate Change Leadership in Organisations

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I am delighted to announce that I will be editing the “Handbook of Climate Change Leadership in Organisations” to be published by Routledge in 2023. The purpose of the Handbook is to bring together for the first time, the collective thinking of experts in climate change leadership together with a model of how those capabilities can be developed in organisations.


As you know, climate change is one of the most significant and challenging problems  in the Anthropocene in terms of both complexity and impact. Greenhouse gases are a major contributor to global warming and organisations are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions . Many organisations have accepted the challenge of enhancing sustainability due to a variety or internal and external forces and are making significant attempts to cut emissions in their products, processes and production.  However to substantively cut emissions and change climate policy to minimise any further destructive environmental impact requires a profound change in corporate leadership and purpose and yet the qualities and capabilities of leaders who successfully orchestrate the development and implementation of climate change policies within organisations remains unclear.


This book aims to address this issue by acknowledging the failure of contemporary leadership in addressing climate change and developing the understanding  of the factors that have to date underpinned this corporate inertia. Contemporary leadership models are required to be  repurposed for the age of sustainability. In addition novel and emerging models of leadership including environmental, responsible, ethical, sustainable, restorative, systemic, innovative  and green leadership will be reviewed and  consideration given as to how these models may assist the development of effective and capable climate change leaders.

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